Everything You Need to Know About Incontinence Pads

Everything You Need to Know About Incontinence Pads

Adult diapers and absorbent underwear are popular and well-known solutions to managing incontinence. However, incontinence pads can be a great alternative to these products that you maybe hadn't thought of. 

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You may be wondering what incontinence pads are. Also known as containment pads, incontinence pads are a product that is held in place by underwear or an undergarment and are designed to absorb urine. 

Not to be confused with feminine hygiene pads (which have a much lower absorbency), incontinence pads are designed specifically for urinary incontinence for either men or women.

You may not have considered incontinence pads as an option for managing continence issues, but these pads offer many benefits to the wearer. Let’s fill in the blanks and outline the benefits of incontinence pads.

How Discreet are Incontinence Pads?

Traditional adult diapers and protective underwear can often feel bulky to the wearer. If you’re looking for a product that is very discreet and user friendly, incontinence pads may be for you. 

Incontinence pads can be placed worn with your regular underwear, eliminating the added bulkiness you may experience from other products. Incontinence pads are also plastic backed to help protect against leakage into your regular underwear.

Are There Different Sizes and Shapes?

Yes! Like most incontinence products, pads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs. The different shapes allow incontinence pads to contour to the body, making them a great option for people who have difficulties finding a proper size in adult diapers or protective underwear. These pads generally come in lengths ranging from 6” to 20” for maximum coverage. 

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How Absorbent are Incontinence Pads?

Unlike regular feminine hygiene pads, Incontinence pads tend to have a higher absorbency. These pads can range in absorbency from very light to heavy absorbency, allowing users who fall into these categories to easily switch to incontinence pads. Many pads are also available for both daytime and overnight protection.

Will they protect against unwanted odors?

As these pads are specifically designed for incontinence, many products will help to control odor. Having a product that can help to control any unwanted odors will give you some extra peace of mind when managing incontinence. 

Can I Change This Product Easily?

If you’re out and about, you’re probably not going to want to undress in a public washroom to replace an incontinence product. This makes incontinence pads a great option. You simply remove the soiled pad from your underwear and dispose of it in the garbage. Replacing the used pad is easy, just secure the new pad in your underwear and you’re good to go! Click here for more tips for managing incontinence in public.

How Expensive are Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence pads are generally a less expensive alternative to buying adult diapers or protective underwear. At Healthwick, incontinence pads can be purchased by individual package or by the case, like most adult diapers and protective underwear. 

For Men Male Guards Healthwick

Is There an Option Available Specifically for Men?

Men have unique needs when it comes to products for managing incontinence. Male guards are a great option for men who experience light to moderate urinary incontinence. Male guards are also often referred to as “man pads”, however unlike regular pads, these are specifically designed for the male anatomy, with the most absorbent area at the front. Male guards offer many, if not all, of the same benefits as regular incontinence pads.

How Do I Know if Incontinence Pads are Right For Me?

With the number of incontinence products on the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find a product that will meet your specific needs. When it comes to incontinence pads, ensure that you select a product that matches the level of absorbency and size you require. If you need some more convincing, check out these 5 great reasons to try incontinence pads.


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