Your Secret Weapon: Booster Pads

“Ugh. I have to change the sheets on my bed every morning! Why can’t I find an adult diaper that doesn’t soak through?!”

This is one of the most common complaints we hear from our customers, but the fact is; if you’re already in a well-fitting and high absorbency product, it might not be your adult diaper. Maybe you just need to amp up the absorbency.

One of the most useful, yet little known incontinence products on the market is the booster pad. Why is that? Booster pads are often confused with regular incontinence pads. However, as similar as these two products may seem, they serve different purposes. Let’s break down the benefits of booster pads and why they may be the perfect fit for you.

What is a booster pad?

Booster pads, also referred to as diaper doublers, are used in conjunction with another product. When used with an adult diaper or underwear, booster pads can increase the capacity of the host product. Booster pads are easy to change and increase the life of the host product, making them an economical option.

Unlike regular incontinence pads, booster pads do not have a plastic backing and are made of porous materials. This allows liquid to pass through into the host product, increasing the capacity. It’s important to remember that booster pads cannot be worn with traditional (non-absorbent) underwear, as the liquid will pass through into your regular underwear.

Why can’t I use a regular incontinence pad?

When people experience leakage, they look for a solution. Many people will think that adding an incontinence pad to their brief or underwear will increase the absorbency. This is not the case.

Regular incontinence pads have a plastic backing to prevent the overflow of liquid onto the undergarment they are attached to.

If you put a regular incontinence pad inside a brief or absorbent underwear, the pad will block liquid from absorbing into the host product.

Once the added incontinence pad is at capacity, the overflow liquid will leak out around the legs, as the plastic backing prevents the excess liquid from being absorbed by the brief or underwear.

If you need some extra protection with your brief or underwear, try a booster pads instead of traditional incontinence pads.

How do I know if I need a booster pad?

Booster pads are a great option for anyone experiencing overflow leakage. They add an extra layer of protection and can increase the life of your diaper or absorbent underwear.

This product is particularly useful for overnight protection. If you wake up in the morning and find you have soaked through your overnight diaper or underwear, booster pads are the way to go. Simply place the booster pad inside your incontinence product before bed for an extra level of absorbency. Also remember that like most incontinence products, booster pads are available in a variety of absorbency levels.

What booster pad is right for me?

Booster pads, like most incontinence products, have a variety of different options available. Booster pads differ by absorbency, shape, brand, and more.

For assistance in selecting the best booster pad option for you, reach out to our customer care team. Our team are product experts and can help you find the right solution. Call us toll free at 1-877-775-1556 or visit our Contact Us page. We’re here to help!

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