Guide to Dignity Suits / Anti-Strip Jumpsuits

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Daytime Dignity Suits

Nighttime Dignity Suits

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What Are Dignity Suits?

Dignity Suits, also recognized as Anti-Strip Suits, are garments primarily intended for individuals dealing with Alzheimer's or Dementia. The main objective of these suits is to deter inappropriate undressing, ensuring the well-being of both the caregiver and the individual they are attending to.

These jumpsuits are thoughtfully designed to mimic regular clothing. The daytime Dignity Suits come as a one-piece garment with a top and bottoms that resemble traditional attire, providing a non-adaptive appearance. Meanwhile, the nighttime Dignity Suits have the look and feel of a one-piece pajama set, ensuring comfort for the wearer.

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How Are Dignity Suits Done Up? 

Dignity suits are fastened with snaps and zippers at both the neckline and crotch. This design makes it challenging for the wearer to remove the garment independently. It's important to note that the daytime and nighttime dignity suits feature slightly different fastening mechanisms.


Nighttime Dignity Suits

Nighttime dignity suits feature snap closures at the neckline and ankles, along with a zipper that extends to the groin area. These nighttime suits are equipped with snaps at the neck and a zipper extending down to ensure secure and convenient fastening.

Nighttime Dignity Suit

A secondary zipper runs from one ankle to the other, enabling the suit to open completely between the legs and in the groin area.

There are snaps at the ankles, complemented by elastic bands around the feet. This combination ensures that the wearer cannot unzip the leg and ankle zippers, preventing the legs from riding up as well.


Nighttime Dignity Suit


Daytime Dignity Suits

Daytime dignity suits are secured using a combination of a zipper and snaps at the neckline. This unique design incorporates a zipper that starts at the neck and extends all the way down one leg, stopping at approximately the mid-thigh. This ensures a secure and hassle-free way of dressing and undressing, providing convenience for both the wearer and their caregiver.

Daytime Dignity Suit

In contrast to nighttime dignity suits, daytime dignity suits lack a zipper in the groin area and do not feature any fasteners around the feet or ankles.


What Size Do I Need?

Choosing the appropriate size for a dignity suit is paramount to guarantee comfort and functionality for both the wearer and the caregiver.

To determine the correct size, you will need the individual's height, chest/bust measurement, and waist size. Once you have gathered these measurements, our Dignity Suit Sizing Guide is a helpful resource to assist you in selecting the optimal size.

 Dignity Suit Sizing Chart  

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