What is Adaptive Clothing?

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Adaptive clothing is designed with a special focus on individuals who may face challenges when it comes to dressing themselves. This can be due to age, disability, or limited mobility. Contrary to common misconceptions, adaptive clothing isn't just for wheelchair users. It offers valuable advantages for anyone dealing with clothing limitations.

Many seniors in America have found adaptive clothing to be a great source of convenience and comfort. These garments include open-back shirts, extra-wide slippers and shoes, snap-button pants, and wrap-around skirts and dresses for women. They cater not only to the elderly but also significantly enhance the quality of life for those managing various health conditions, such as ALS, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's, arthritis, post-shoulder surgery recovery, edema, or hospital recuperation.

The simplicity and functionality of adaptive clothing play a vital role in making dressing easier and improving the overall quality of life for Americans facing these challenges.

If you would like to download or print information about adaptive clothing, please click here to access our PDF Complete Guide to Adaptive Clothing that is formatted for printing. 

How Does Adaptive Clothing Make Changing Easier?

Adaptive clothing streamlines the task of changing clothes by reducing the demand for extensive physical movement when making adjustments, taking off, or putting on garments. These garments prioritize centralized and form-fitting adjustments, eliminating the need for individuals to strain their limbs or back. A significant benefit of adaptive clothing is its ability to make it easy for caregivers to change the attire of individuals with restricted mobility.

Types of Adaptive Clothing

Initially, adaptive clothing may appear similar to typical attire, but it delivers superior comfort and ease. These clothing items encompass open-back shirts, wide slip-on slippers and shoes, snap-button pants for effortless fastening, and wrap-around skirts and dresses.


Open Back Pants

Open Back Pants

Open-back pants prove ideal for individuals in wheelchairs or those who cannot comfortably wear conventional trousers or support weight on their lower body. These pants incorporate a back cutout design with a discreet modesty flap to guarantee coverage. Closure is accomplished using three snaps situated on the side, providing an adjustment of approximately 1.5 to 2 inches. The distinct design of open-back pants empowers caregivers to assist individuals, whether they are in a standing or reclining position. For more comprehensive details, please refer to our extensive Open-Back Pants Guide.

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Open Back Tops

Open Back Tops

Open-back clothing employs snap closures at the shoulder for easy application. This style maintains full coverage, much like a regular shirt, while significantly simplifying the process of putting it on and taking it off. Caregivers favor this style for its convenience, as it eliminates the need for the individual to raise their arms during changes. This clothing style is available in various options, including long sleeves, short sleeves, polo shirts, blouses, and cardigans. To discover more details, please visit our Open Back Tops Guide.

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Dignity Suits


Dignity (Anti-Strip) Suits

Designed primarily for individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia, Anti-Strip Suits serve the purpose of preventing inappropriate undressing. These suits feature snap closures at the back neckline, creating a barrier that makes it more challenging for the wearer to remove them. Caregivers value these suits for the safety they offer, both for themselves and the individuals they are tending to. To gain a deeper understanding of dignity suits, we invite you to explore our guide on Selecting a Dignity Suit.

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Adaptive Slippers


Adaptive Slippers

Adaptive Slippers offer effortless removal and donning. They feature substantial Velcro fasteners, which enable them to open wider compared to traditional slippers, making it easy to slip the foot inside with minimal effort. These slippers are especially well-suited for individuals receiving care from a caregiver. They are also available in a wide fit to accommodate swollen feet.

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